Delaney & Venezia Real Estate, Inc. is quickly becoming one of the leading companies in the local real estate marketplace by providing unsurpassed service to homebuyers and sellers. It is through our comprehensive understanding of the residential and commercial marketplaces throughout Massachusetts, and our sensitivity to each of our client’s unique needs, that Delaney & Venezia Real Estate has become a leading and trusted resource.

Jamie's Family

From the beginning our mission has been to provide the quality service and results that you deserve. In keeping with our commitment, we provide our clients with comprehensive real estate services and guidance in making the right choices. We view each transaction as unique and start with your goals first, so as to create a true partnership in managing what proves to be a major financial decision as well as profoundly personal transaction.

It is with great pride and personal business ethics that we choose to be an independently operated Real Estate company, not being tied to a national franchise or major corporate structure allows us the flexibility to work with you in a manner in which you deserve. You the client are what is important, not a corporate bottom line or corporate sales culture where the company comes first. Major franchises can tout their sales numbers and branding, however this means nothing to you and your transaction. Delaney & Venezia Real Estate wants to show you a different approach, one that begins and ends with your comfort and satisfaction that you are being dealt with fairly, honestly and with your bottom line as the ultimate goal. We prefer to use our sales and marketing efforts on your home and not on creating a national corporate brand. Real Estate is bought and sold internationally, but your home is the most important financial asset to you and not just a statistic.

Realtors all subscribe to the same Multiple Listing Services and work within the same local Real Estate Boards that govern our industry, but it takes the right team of true professionals to ensure that your transaction lives up to the most demanding standards…yours and ours. An unwavering commitment to quality, integrity and excellence is the cornerstone on which Delaney & Venezia’s growing success has been built. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with the experience and knowledge that we provide to each and every client.